A Taste of Things to Come

Frankfurt was an awesome event and it got us pumped to bring out a new update very soon, still this year. And we wanted to give a little taste of the things to come.

One thing in particular is quite obtuse in Dota: The whole stuff around Bounty Gold. Kill Streak is still quite easy to wrap one’s head around but the interaction with the Net Worth Advantage of a team and then how AoE Gold works… just have a look at the basic formula:

“[40 Gold icon.png + (6 × dying hero’s level) + (0.0375 × dying hero’s NW × NW factor) + (50 Gold icon.png × team NW disadvantage / 4000)] × [1.2 – 0.1 × (dying hero’s NW ranking -1)] × [NW ranking factor]”


This is with specific values for when there are 3 heroes involved… and it can have a huge impact to the worth of a kill. Definitely not something that’s easily visualized in your mind but would be super interesting to get a feel for when watching a game.

So, perfect for us to implement for DLA. So here is a mock-up of what will be included in the next update: Bounty Projections!

Mock-up of the specific Analysis PanelBounty_1

And when the Kill Streak is ended, we are looking to display the actual result of what was achieved:

And the change to when the team that’s behind scores the big kill (sorry, EE)Bounty_2

We feel that this will definitely help in conveying the impact of a big kill. Smart Rotation will then also keep you up-to-date on the whole Net Worth swing afterwards but this does more justice to actual big events in the late game.

If you’ve got any thoughts or feedback for us, be sure to let us know!

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